Instalment 8 Update

Looks like we’ll be ready to go in pretty short order: there’s only one spot left open for instalment 8 and then the camera will be off, making a so far rather northerly journey (so far) for this trip.

I’m really happy to be jump-starting this project again, and I can’t wait until I release this baby into the world and see what we get back.


Well it’s high time this project got going, and the website got a bit of a face lift. Nothing too drastic, just enough so that it’s friends stop commenting on how tired it looks.

All photographs and information about past projects have been updated, and while I’m still trying to find the damned negatives for instalment 7 to upload, the rest of them are there.

I am currently working on getting instalment 8 up and running, and all I need are 5 participants. If you’re interested, please feel free to leave a comment.

Any questions about how it’s all done, leave a comment, or contact me via the “about” page.